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Alexander Rose Teak Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Teak Garden Furniture

Teak, a traditional hardwood, is perfect for garden furniture. Combining strength with a high proportion of natural oils, teak is ideal for creating the smoothest of finishes with durability lasting in excess of 25 Years. When left untreated, teak mellows to an attractive silver grey colour. Alternatively, you may prefer to retain the rich golden brown colour of the wood by using our range of treatment products. Either way, a regular clean will enhance the natural beauty of the timber
Alexander Rose Iroko Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Iroko Garden Furniture

Iroko is a very popular wood for use in garden furniture, it shares many of the characteristics of teak, including strength, 20 years durability and the ability to create a wonderful finish. Iroko has a slightly yellow appearance. This will turn to a distinctive silver grey colour if left untreated. The beauty of iroko can be enhanced and turned to a golden brown colour by using our range of treatment products. A regular clean will enhance the natural beauty of the timber.
Alexander Rose Mahogany Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Mahogany Garden Furniture
Mahogany is a good quality hardwood that has all the natural attributes to create highly attractive and durable garden furniture. Great care is taken to source the mahogany timber from Ghana where the forests are professionally managed under the watchful eye of the International Tropical Timber Organisation. Mahogany can be left completely untreated so that the wood mellows to a silver grey colour. However you can retain the deep red colour of the original wood by using Timber Treatment Plus.
Alexander Rose Pine Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Pine Garden Furniture
Pine is the ideal softwood for creating garden furniture that is both very strong and practical. All our pine timbers are treated with Tanalise. The natural colour of pine is very light. This can either be left completely untreated, in which case it will turn to silver grey, or you can help retain its natural beauty by using our range of specialist treatment products. As with all our furniture, we advise you to wash it regularly to stop the dirt getting trapped in the open grain and causing discolouration to the wood.
Alexander Rose Karri Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Karri Garden Furniture
Alexander Rose has over twenty years of experience in manufacturing top quality furniture, thus, quality is assured. Great care is taken to select hardwood timbers from well managed forests and the 2006 Karri range carries the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo, showing their environmental commitment to sustaining and maintaining trees whilst creating a thing of beauty for your own garden.
Alexander Rose Hardwood Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Hardwood Garden Furniture
Alexander Rose Avant Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Avant Garden Furniture
The Avant Range is a leading range of cutting edge, contemporary furniture which is timeless in design. Incorporating Teak, and Stainless Steel all the Avant range is made to the highest standards and all models are equally suited for both indoor and outdoor use and will give many years of pleasure.
Teak is the traditional hardwood to use in the Garden; the natural characteristics ensure a very high durability and a silky smooth finish. Stainless steel is manufactured to marine standards which ensures the furniture to be strong and durable.
Alexander Rose Solaris Garden FurnitureAlexander Rose Solaris Garden Furniture
The Solaris indoor or outdoor collection by Alexander Rose is carefully hand woven with German produced Hularo® synthetic fibre on satinised, powder coated, hot dip galvanized metal frame and is:
Maintenance Free, Weatherproof, Colourfast, UV-Resistant, Durable to all temperatures, Washable, Environmentally Friendly and Re-cyclable.
5 year guarantee against fading and rusting
Alexander Rose Furniture AccessoriesAlexander Rose Furniture Accessories

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