Garden Benches

Discount Garden Benches, Teak, Hardwood and Iron Garden Benches

When choosing a garden bench there are many things to consider; where to place it, how often will your use it, would you like space to put your coffee, do you like to share your bench?

All questions answered, visit Hayes Garden World to find your ideal garden bench for your outdoor space in a style, colour and material to suit your preferences and budget.

Is space restricted? We have 4ft, 5ft and 6ft benches on offer but also stock a wide selection of full and half tree benches which neatly fit round your tree trunk to maximise garden space! This huge selection garden benches means you’ll always find the best option for your garden no matter how big it is or what shape it may be.

Got a metal bench in mind? We have both classic and contemporary designs that give your garden a dainty seating area to complement it beautifully and add some variety to the natural colours and vibrancy.

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Buying a Bench

When buying a bench, it is important to gather some basic information before making some of the harder decisions.

How many people do you wish to seat at one time?

Where are you going to position the bench?

Do you want a slight curve on the bench because it is going in a corner?

Does the back need to be curved to offer additional support?

Once you have made these decisions, you will know if you want a

2 Seater (4ft or 1.2m)
3 Seater (5ft or 1.5m)
4 Seater (6ft or 1.8m)

Or even larger, some companies will do benches to accommodate up to 8 people

Alcove Benches

Curved Benches that fit into corners are often known as Alcove Benches, Twin Seats or even ‘Bonnie & Clyde’. These are angled with a table in the middle, ideal for resting a drink, book or snack. These benches will usually accommodate a maximum of 2 people. This style is also good because it will accommodate a parasol, secured by the table, in the middle of the bench.

Moon Benches

An alternative corner seat is available with a gentle curve and no table; often called a Love Seat, because it is a more intimate when sitting together, otherwise Banana Benches or Peanut Benches so called because of their shape. These benches are often manufactured pre-assembled due to the complexity of their shape; building from flat packs would be very difficult. They are mainly manufactured in Indonesia from Teak, as they are labour intensive.

Once you have identified the style of bench that you are looking for, you have to consider if you wish to maintain the bench or if it is something you want to put in the garden and forget about, yet know it will be there when you want to use it. The material used to construct the bench will determine whether there is a necessity to maintain it or not & the following paragraphs categorise the materials into differing levels of maintenance.